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Bard HVAC Equipment is Mission Critical

Bard HVAC Equipment has long been known for it's durability in applications where uptime is critical. You will most likely find a Bard unit at the bottom of one of “Americans most reliable network” towers but other common uses include switch gear shelters, pump stations, portable buildings or offices and relocatable classrooms. Customers like the ability to mount an air conditioner or heat pump to the wall, up off the ground, where space may be limited, or the structure is portable and ground installed condenser coils aren’t an option.


Top of the Line HVAC That Saves You Money, Upfront & Longterm

While established in the industrial space, Bard package units have grown in sophistication to cover the entire HVAC spectrum. More recently Bard has gotten into the education market at Schools requests. Many older schools were built with out Air Conditioning and when newer buildings came with Air Conditioning teachers and administrators tried to fill the gap. Much like a hotel, a modular, room by room approach was the simplest, most economical solution for the problem. In the growing school market Bard now includes an Indoor HVAC system in their line that can utilize air to air Heat pumps, Geothermal, and Gas configurations all built to the same standards the original Bard Wall Mount is know for.

Fractional Tonnage Cabinet Cooling and Heat Exchangers